Concierge Service

G3’s Concierge Service includes the following benefits: 
  • Document Review: Email for a rapid response and thorough review of your documents before you send them to one of our Operations Centers.
  • Application Creation: Our experts will readily create your visa or passport application ensuring it meets the requirements of the consulate or agency, saving you valuable preparation time. Your application will be emailed to you in PDF format to print and sign with a pen-to-paper signature.
  • Accelerated Processing: G3 will generate a FedEx air bill for you to efficiently send your documents to our office. Your request will be given precedence for immediate processing by our most experienced associates.
  • Expert Advice: Call our dedicated Concierge Service phone number: 202.600.4257, or email for a quick response from the experts.
  • Real-Time Status Updates: Your G3 associate will personally contact you to confirm receipt of your documents and provide a timeline of completion. If you require more than one visa or passport service, your associate will advise you at each stage of completion ensuring we meet your travel dates. Upon completion of your request, your associate will contact you to confirm your return delivery information.
  • Upgraded Delivery Service: Your G3 associate will provide a complimentary return delivery upgrade when your request is complete using Federal Express Priority Overnight service (delivery next business day by 10am), and will track your package and follow up with you to confirm you have received it.
  • Emergency Support: You will have access to our Emergency Concierge Services and Lost Passport Support if you ever need it.
  • Fee: $175 for most services.

Document Pre-Check

Prevent processing delays by having a G3 Associate review and correct your application materials by email. 
  • Quick Review: Email your order form, application, passport scan, and supporting documents to before you send them to one of our Operations Centers. A G3 Associate will do a thorough review within two business hours.
  • Application Correction: Should your application need correction, our experts will edit or re-create your visa or passport application. Your application will be emailed to you in PDF format to print and sign with a pen-to-paper signature.
  • Fee: $55. Included in Concierge Service.

Passport Protection Plan

If your passport is lost, stolen, or damaged, G3 will replace it without charging our standard service fee. G3’s Passport Protection Plan includes the following benefits: 
  • Application Creation: Our experts will create your paperwork for you to ensure that it meets the requirements of the passport agency, allowing you to avoid delays and additional stress.
  • Expedited Passport Processing: Your new passport will be issued at our Expedited processing speed. If desired, you may upgrade to a faster service by paying the price difference at the time of claim.
  • Personal Attention: Upon receipt of your materials, we will hand-carry your documents to the passport agency, then pick up your completed passport and review it for accuracy..
  • Long-Term Validity: Your Passport Protection Plan is in force until the day your passport expires.
  • International Support: If your passport is lost, stolen, or damaged while you are outside of the US, G3 will create your passport applications and provide you with scans of your lost passport so you can have your passport issued in person at the nearest US Embassy or Consulate.
  • G3’s Industry-Leading Standard of Service: Our experienced staff will provide personal communication and in-depth knowledge to ease your mind and resolve your concerns.
  • Fee: $40.
  • Passport Protection Plan does not cover US Government Fees, shipping fees, or replacement of valid visas. Questions? Contact