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Tourist Visa

If travel is for leisure purposes, sightseeing, and visiting friends and family, a tourist visa is needed.

Business Visa

When visiting for general business meetings and site visits, you are required to have a business visa.

Work Visa

For technical assignments, or to take up employment in the destination, you will need a work visa.

Crew Visa

Crew visas are issued to crew members on commercial, private, corporate, or charter aircraft.

Student Visa

Student visas are needed if you will be attending an accredited school or university.

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China FAQs

I have a Chinese visa in my previous passport which is expired, can I still use this visa to travel?

Yes, you may travel to China carrying both your old and new passports. Please note that if your name or other biographical details have been changed on your new passport, you will need to obtain a new Chinese visa.

Who is eligible to receive a 10 year multiple entry visa for China?

In most cases, US citizens who are traveling for tourism or business will be issued 10 year visas valid for multiple entries. You may be issued a shorter duration visa at consular discretion, particularly if your passport is close to expiring.

I have a valid multiple entry visa for China, do I need to provide any additional information for future trips?

No additional information or registration is required for future trips to China, so long as your multiple entry visa remains valid and your purpose of travel remains the same.

I’m visiting Hong Kong during my trip to China, do I require a separate visa?

Citizens of USA and many other nations do not require visas to enter Hong Kong. You do not need to list Hong Kong as a destination on your Chinese visa application.

I have a 10 year tourist visa for China but I now need to travel for business meetings, can I use this visa to travel or do I need to apply for a business visa?

You should apply for a new business visa. However, if you hold a valid multiple entry business visa, you may use it for subsequent tourist trips to China.

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