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Tourist Visa+

Tourist Visa

If travel is for leisure purposes, sightseeing, and visiting friends and family, a tourist visa is needed.

Business Visa+

Business Visa

When visiting for general business meetings and site visits, you are required to have a business visa.

Crew Visa+

Crew Visa

Crew visas are issued to crew members on commercial, private, corporate, or charter aircraft.

eVisa Tourist/Business+

eVisa Tourist/Business

eVisas are issued electronically, without having to send off your physical passport book.

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Vietnam FAQs

Can I get a visa valid for longer than 6 months for Vietnam?

US citizens are able to apply for multiple entry visas valid for one year. This option is not available to non-US citizens.

I’m traveling to Vietnam 5 months from now, is it too early to apply for a visa?

Please apply for your Vietnam visa no more than 90 days ahead of your date of entry.

I’ve having trouble with the online application for Vietnam, is this something G3 can assist with?

Absolutely! Please select G3’s Application Creation Service or Concierge Service for assistance with the online application.

I’m flight crew member traveling to Vietnam, do I require a visa?

Yes, flight crew members do require visas for Vietnam.

Does G3 offer eVisa service for Vietnam?

Yes, G3 can assist with your eVisa service for Vietnam. Vietnam eVisas are valid for a single entry with a stay of up to 90 days, and can be used for business, tourist, or flight crew visits. Please see our eVisa page to get started.

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G3 visa continues to make travel easy with their amazing knowledge and attention to detail. The concierge service is simple and makes for a stress free process in securing any...more info

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