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Saudi Arabia Visa

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A visa is required for the following types of travel:

Business Visa+

Business Visa

When visiting for general business meetings and site visits, you are required to have a business visa.

Private Visa+

Private Visa

If you have been invited to stay with a family member or close friend, you can apply for a private visa.

Work Visa+

Work Visa

For technical assignments, or to take up employment in the destination, you will need a work visa.

Crew Visa+

Crew Visa

Crew visas are issued to crew members on commercial, private, corporate, or charter aircraft.

Residence Visa+

Residence Visa

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Saudi Arabia FAQs

Who do I contact for the official MOFA invite and Arabic translation?

The Saudi sponsor/company will provide the MOFA invite letter and Arabic translations.

Why are consular fees different for non-US citizens?

Saudi Arabia require all non U.S. passport holders to purchase medical insurance from the Saudi government as part of the visa application process. You cannot provide your U.S. insurance information. Fees vary according to multiple factors including age and nationality, and total fees may be as much as $800 to $2,000.

Can I obtain a tourist visa to Saudi Arabia?

As of now, tourist visas are not being issued. You may enter Saudi Arabia by obtaining a Resident/Family Visit, Business or Work visa.

Does G3 offer visa service for religious pilgrimage visas?

G3 is unable to provide visa service to travelers who require a Hajj or Umrah visa for Islamic pilgrimage. You must obtain your visa through a travel agency who holds special authorization to arrange Hajj/Umrah travel.

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Julio Carrillo was a life saver for me. I hadn't realized my passport had expired and I am leaving for Mexico City on January 10th. I came to the office without airplane confi...more info

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