Our Standard of Service

At G3, we take pride in providing every client with exceptional customer service and professional expertise.
  • All visa and passport instructions are continually updated with the latest requirements, fees, and applications.
  • All visa and passport requests are processed by knowledgeable, experienced associates.
  • All calls are answered by a well-informed associate, not a call center or voice mail system.
  • All Personally Identifiable Information is protected with safeguards that exceed State Department standards.
  • All requests receive email confirmation acknowledging receipt by a G3 associate.
  • All application documents will be thoroughly reviewed prior to submission.
  • All requests receive email confirmation of the completion and FedEx tracking information.
  • All passports are returned via the FedEx service of your choice.
If you need additional assistance, G3 offers a full range of Enhanced Services including our industry-leading Concierge Service.